Welcome to St. Vincent dePaul Roman Catholic Church! We have been a beacon in Holiday, Florida for over 50 years. We welcome all people to our community and we have been called one of the most welcoming parishes around. Come see what this special group of Christians are all about!


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Consecration to Saint Joseph by Saint Peter Julian Eymard

   I consecrate myself to you Saint Joseph as my spiritual father; I choose you to rule my soul and to teach me the interior life, the life hidden away with Jesus , Mary and yourself.

   Above all I want to imitate the humble silence with which you shrouded Jesus, Mary and yourself, and even your own happiness. For me everything lies in that – total self-abnegation like our Lord in His hidden life, making the world forget me by my silence and my practice of the common life.

   I consecrate myself to you as my guide and model in all my duties so that I may learn to fulfill them with meekness and humility: with meekness toward my brethren, my neighbor, and all with whom I come in contact; with humility toward myself and simplicity before God.

   I choose you good Saint, as my counselor, my confident, my protector in all my difficulties and trials, I do ask to be spared crosses and sufferings but only from self-love which might vitiate their value by making me vain over them.

   I choose you as protector for the Society of the Blessed Sacrament Father s, the little family of Jesus Eucharistic, and his mother, and his servant. Good Saint Joseph . I ask only that it serve with fidelity and devotedness its divine King. For myself, I shall honor, and love, and serve you, with Mary, my mother; never shall I separate her name from yours in my love.

   O Jesus give me Joseph for a father as you have given me Mary as a mother. Fill me with devotion, confidence and filial love. Listen to my prayer, please. I know that you will. Already I feel more devout, more full of hope and confidence in good Saint Joseph , your foster father and my adopted father. (E L; V.8. pgs. 60-63).

   Saint Joseph , first and most perfect of all Adorers, obtain for me the grace to love, adore, and serve Christ Eucharistic as you did. Amen


Our Call to Community “Make a House a Home”

      Finding affordable and available housing is not easy. If you see a house, mobile home or apartment with a FOR RENT sign on it send the contact information and address to Housing Locator- Kelly Miller-Funk at [email protected] If you have rental properties or know someone who does, please encourage them to support this effort.  We also have Catholic Charities who will be helping to house additional individuals.

      We have helped two individuals and a family so far.  They are happy to be able to pick out items they like to make their house feel like their home.  We have many items but are still in need of some specific things such as:  Hammer and nails, foam to repair hole in wall, broom and dust pan, step ladder, cleaning supplies, rubber shelf liners, rake and gas cards.  Our family could use 3 dressers and a small bookshelf for their daughter.  Please call the office and we can make arrangements for you to drop off the items, particularly any of the items listed above as they are for specific families.

      Please give a call to the office at 727-938-1974. Put your name and email or phone # on our “Helping Hands” list.Thank you in advance for your generous support of this project.  If you are interested in being a liaison with one of these families or individuals, please let us know.

     We appreciate all of the love and support you offer to those who are less fortunate in our community.  It is a call to our Catholic Social Teaching. What ever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, that you do for Me.”

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Parish News

Joyful photos, first holy Communion

     Dear Parish Family this morning (5/2/2021) at the 10:00 AM Mass the children of our parish who have prepared, received their first Holy Communion. It was a glorious celebration, surely Heaven is rejoicing. Father Bill reminded us to remember our own first Eucharist. 

Welcome back photos

     Dear Parish Family, Sharing some photos, it is a blessing to see so many beautiful faces at Church. If you are still home live streaming please know you are greatly missed. 
     First Photo: Jeanne Jackson with her mother, Jacquelyn (Jackie) Vukmanic, Father Dominic, and Father Bill.
Denise Hammond
Nita Martell and Mary Brady
Joe Genalo, Rev. Matteo Rizzo, Peggy and Cloe Genalo, Raymond Worhacz in the background!

Mother’s Day Novena of Masses:

       To honor your loved one for Mother’s Day with a Novena of Masses, please pick up a card at the entrance of Church, the Gift Shop, or Parish Office. Place your donation envelope in the offertory basket. The Novena of Masses will be offered from May 9-May 17th.

Altar Servers Awards (03/21/2021)

     How often do you take time to thank our altar servers for their ministry at Mass? Bishop Parkes signed certificates for all our servers. Special recognition of Altar Server of the year went to Catherine Bell and Malcom Nguyen. To all the youth in our parish, we thank you for the contribution you bring to the life of our parish. You have so much to offer.

Happy Easter.


     This Easter holds a special event in the life those who have prepared to receive the sacrament of confirmation. This past Saturday on a day-long retreat, they spent time in prayer and reflection. We join our confirmandi in prayer—Dominic, Tony, Richie, Vy and Paige, as they request Bishop Parkes for the sacrament of Confirmation on Friday, May 7 at 7:00 pm. Holy Spirit fill their hearts with your love for our parish family.


Our Parish in Action


Daily : Monday - Saturday: 8:30 AM

Weekend : Saturday Vigil: 4 PM  (Live Streamed Mass)

                   Sunday: 7:30 AM
                                 8:30 AM (Vietnamese Mass)
                                10:00 AM (Family Mass)
                                11:30 AM

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 
Monday - Friday: 9 AM - noon
Wednesdays: 9 AM - 5 PM
First Fridays: 9 AM - 5 PM

Private Confession Times
Thursdays: 3:00-4:00 PM and 7:00-7:30 PM (in the Reconciliation room, behind the choir lot)

2021 Annual Pastoral Appeal

Please click HERE to give online.

    Office of Religious Education and Formation virtually connected with parish Faith Formation leaders. Despite coronavirus challenges, we have continued to assist our parishes and schools in educating and informing the children. We are a community of steadfast servants to the Gospel, coming together to grow in our faith, nurture our children with a love of God and progress toward the greater good.

      Our share needed by the diocese is $85,661. To reach this goal, support is needed from every family. Thus far we have received $63,233 in pledges and $48,888.92 has been paid by 179 families. It puts us to the half way mark with the hope that the many who have not yet made a pledge will do so by Easter. One dollar a day is a pledge of $365, or a pledge of ten dollars a month is $120. Please do not delay your pledge. Envelopes are at the church doors. Just fill it out and drop in the basket at the altar. Do your share to help others and the parish.

     Thank you to those who have returned their pledge cards. Every pledge helps those in need of services within our Diocese.  Thank you and God Bless you.

Office Hours

09:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Monday- Friday
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday to Thursday
8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Sunday during Faith Formation

CoronaVirus Updates

As We Begin to Open the Church

Believe that God is attentive to our prayers, just as we are attentive to God's will in our lives. Together, we contribute our part in staying protected from the spread of COVID-19.
On Monday, May 11 at St Vincent de Paul, weekday Mass resumed at 8:30 AM. With careful attention to the directives of Bishop Gregory Parkes during this pandemic, we are asked to take the following precautions to honor each life given to us by God and show charity for the well-being of our neighbors:
Stay home if you are ill, elderly, anxious or have underlying health conditions. Bishop Parkes has dispensed all Catholics in the Diocese of St. Petersburg from their Sunday Mass obligation until further notice.
  • Maintain six feet of social distance from others who are not from the same household at all times while in the church or on church property.
  • Show patience and kindness as parishes restrict attendance to only 25% maximum capacity inside our church (150 per.) or social halls.
  • Use a face mask or face covering. (Face covering should be removed before receiving Holy Communion.)
  • Refrain from physical contact in greeting others and in the sign of peace.
  • Avoid use to hymnals and limit touching. Doors and pews are sanitized.
  • Sanitize hands when entering and leaving Church. Bring personal supply of hand sanitizer to use before receiving Communion, if possible.
  • Consider receiving Holy Communion in the hand.
  • Honor the silence before and after times of prayer.
  • Keep necessary conversation at a minimum and 6 foot separation.
  • Collection baskets will be at the foot of the altar to receive your offering.
  • Thank you for sharing the sacrifice of Jesus when sent from Mass to witness God's love and compassion in this time of suffering and uncertainty.

Fr. Bill Fickel, sss

Catholic Family Faith

Radio and TV Masses

Keeping Faith Alive - Quarantine Survival Kit

Ways to create a church at home include:

  • Watch Church on Sundays as a family
  • Pray daily as a family
  • Read the Daily Mass readings together and discuss
  • Create a domestic shrine as a center of prayer
  • Stay connected to your parish via social media and other communication channels
  • Gather together for meals

 Now, more than ever, our church needs us to keep the faith, our children included.


Father Farrell Hall Rental

Father Farrell Hall and our Media room are available for rent. We can accommodate large and small parties and offer catering from our own kitchen. We offer full facilities for any size group, large or small up to 300 people (Hall) or 55 (Media Room). We encourage you to come by and see if our Hall or Media room is right for your special event!

Available for any occasion large or small such as Wedding Receptions, Baptism Parties, Birthday Parties, Business Presentations, Dances, Vendor Fairs, and Craft Shows.

 Catering is also available by our resident Chef, Mark Brose!

Our full service catering can accommodate buffet or sit-down dinners.

 Call the office at 727-938-1974 for details and reserve a date.

Meet Our Staff

Bishop Larkin Catholic School

The Bishop Larkin Catholic School's mission is to inspire students to be the best that they can be by spreading the word of God through their teachings and actions on a daily basis. Visit their website for more information!