Welcome to St Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church  which has been a beacon in Holiday, Florida for 48 years. We welcome all people to our community and we have been called one of the most welcoming parishes around. Come see what this special group of Christians are all about!

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Meet Our Staff

2017 Corpus Christi Procession

Mass Times

Weekday Mass
8:30 AM

Saturday Mass
4 PM

Sunday Mass
7:30 AM
9:00 AM Family Mass
11:00 AM
5:30 PM Vietnamese Mass

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Everyday 9 AM - noon
Wednesdays 9 AM - 6 PM
First Fridays 9 AM - 7 PM

Confession -
Thursday 3:00-4:00 PM and 7:00-7:30 PM


Visit the Blessed Sacrament in our new Chapel. The main church is closed for daily Mass and Adoration for the summer. We have opened the newly appointed chapel space in the Social Hall of the Church. The reason is to save the cost of air conditioning the church during the week. Mass and adoration will be in the new chapel. We were able to donate our long pews to St. Anthony of Padua in San Antonio who were happy to pick them up for use in their church. Fr. Schneider from St. Stephen’s will move to their new church in July and has offered for us to receive some of the chairs from their former church. Actually, the move in addition to saving money we hope will remind people to come and visit the Blessed Sacrament and enjoy the intimacy of the chapel. We have a wonderful community that gathers each day of the week to celebrate Morning Prayer and Mass followed by the rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy. Let us know of your interest for other prayer opportunities during the summer. Christ is there to receive our homage and praise.

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SVDP Gardening Club

Do you like to do gardening? 

We are putting together a Garden Club at St. Vincent de Paul to help keep our campus looking nice.  If you are interested in our new Garden Club, please call Rosemarie at 727-938-1974 ext. 109


Office Hours

09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
01:00 PM - 4:00 PM Monday- Friday
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

Our Parish in Action

  • Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church!
  • The fountain in our church pond
  • We care about the community! Here is the sign that marks ...

Father Farrell Hall Rental

Father Farrell Hall and our Media room are available for rent, call the office at 727-938-1974 ext 3. We can accommodate large and small parties and offer catering from our own kitchen. We encourage you to come by and see if our hall or Media room is right for your special event!


SVDP Summer Day Camp

 We still have a few spots available.

Vendor Fair

Family Choir

Looking for children, teens, parents and grandparents to come join us in the Family Choir for 9 AM Mass. 


Come join us in Musical Praise to the Lord.  We need your help in bringing back the Chime choir.  Practice is on Wednesday Evenings at 7 PM in the Church.   For more information please contact Rosemarie Scordamaglia  at 727-938-1974 ext. 109.


Upcoming Events


  • Jun 27      7:00 PM   O/A
  • Jun 27      7:00 PM   Al Anon
  • Jun 28       10am Queen of Heaven, Bible Study
  • Jun 28       1:30pm Bingo
  • Jun 28       2pm  Associates Adoration
  • Jun 28       3pm Associate General Meeting
  • Jun 28       6pm Teen Life
  • Jun 28       7pm All Choir Practice
  • Jun 28      7 pm - Adult Faith Formation
  • Jun 29       10am Mass @ Sunshine Christian Home
  • Jun 29       12pm Mary's Maid's
  • Jun 29       3pm Confessions
  • Jun 29       7pm Confessions
  • Jun 30       8:00 AM -  Coffee Social 
  • Jun 30       11:00 AM - Al Anon
  • Jun 30,      1:30pm Centering Prayer
  • Jun 30       8pm Al Anon
  • JUL 1         9am - Carmelites
  • JUL 1         3pm - Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • JUL 1         7:00 PM  Narcotics Anon
  • JUL 3        10:00 AM  Arts & Crafts
  • JUL 3        10:30 AM  SVDP Summer Day Camp
  • JUL 3        1:00 PM  Divine Mercy
  • JUL 3        7:00 PM  Social Concerns
  • JUL 3       7:30 PM   Narcotics Anon /  Gamblers Anon



Night of Faith with the Rays

Bishop Larkin Catholic School

The Bishop Larkin Catholic School's mission is to inspire students to be the best that they can be by spreading the word of God through their teachings and actions on a daily basis. Visit their website for more information!