NEWS 2021

Confirmation Photos

Dear Parish Family,
    Please continue to pray for the five young people of our parish who received the Sacrament of Confirmation last night. It was a blessed evening to have our priests in the sanctuary for this special occasion. 
     Father Bill, Father Joseph, and Father Dominic, as you can see in the photos, were filled with joy. It was a great privilege for our pastor, Father Bill, to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation to the Confirmandi. 
    Special thanks to our Faith Formation Director, Charlene Vassalli, for all of her work throughout the year to prepare for this day.
     Special thanks to the catechists, Christine DeLieto and Margaret Flanders, for the time and blessings, they have given the confirmandi. 
     Enjoy the photos! 

May Crowning Photos

     Dear Parish Family today (05/09/2021) after the 10:00 a.m. Mass Father Bill invited two of our children who made their first Holy Communion last week into the sanctuary. They followed father to the outside statue of Our Blessed Mother to Crown her on this special day. 
    Happy and blessed Mother's Day, Mother Mary, and all mothers. Father Bill reminded us, in his homily, that we are all sharers in the gift of life to birth into Holy Mother Church. Disciples, like the beloved Saint John to bring God's love to our world. 
    Laura Worhacz.
Joyful photos, first holy Communion
     Dear Parish Family this morning (5/2/2021) at the 10:00 AM Mass the children of our parish who have prepared, received their first Holy Communion. It was a glorious celebration, surely Heaven is rejoicing. Father Bill reminded us to remember our own first Eucharist. 
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Welcome back photos

     Dear Parish Family, Sharing some photos, it is a blessing to see so many beautiful faces at Church. If you are still home live streaming please know you are greatly missed. 
     First Photo: Jeanne Jackson with her mother, Jacquelyn (Jackie) Vukmanic, Father Dominic, and Father Bill.
Denise Hammond
Nita Martell and Mary Brady
Joe Genalo, Rev. Matteo Rizzo, Peggy and Cloe Genalo, Raymond Worhacz in the background!

Altar Servers Awards (03/21/2021)

     How often do you take time to thank our altar servers for their ministry at Mass? Bishop Parkes signed certificates for all our servers. Special recognition of Altar Server of the year went to Catherine Bell and Malcom Nguyen. To all the youth in our parish, we thank you for the contribution you bring to the life of our parish. You have so much to offer.

Happy Easter.



     This Easter holds a special event in the life those who have prepared to receive the sacrament of confirmation. This past Saturday on a day-long retreat, they spent time in prayer and reflection. We join our confirmandi in prayer—Dominic, Tony, Richie, Vy and Paige, as they request Bishop Parkes for the sacrament of Confirmation on Friday, May 7 at 7:00 pm. Holy Spirit fill their hearts with your love for our parish family.

The 210th anniversary of Saint Peter Julian Eymard's baptism

   Dearest parish family, I am sending a few photos from morning Mass today, 2/5. Today is a special day of remembrance for the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament and Associates of the Blessed Sacrament. It is the 210th anniversary of Saint Peter Julian Eymard's baptism, also the feast of Saint Agatha. 

   Saint Peter Julian is the Spiritual father to the Congregation and Associates. St. Peter Julian held the day of his baptism in very high regard. Father Bill offered a beautiful homily this morning reflecting on his holy founder. St. Peter Julian knew of the gift of Eucharist, he would take Jesus whom he received and bring this manifestation of God's love through the abiding presence with him wherever the went. The glory of God would be found in its fullness when shared in this divine way. 

   Have a blessed first Friday, Laura


Dearest Parish Family, 
Sharing some photos from morning Mass, Feb. 3 2021.  We had a beautiful throat blessing in honor of Saint Blaise during the daily Liturgy today. 
Have a blessed day, Laura 
Dear Parish Family please offer a prayer for our wonderful music director, Francesco Sclafani, as he celebrates his 27th birthday today, 1/22. This is the first birthday since his father passed in October 2020. 
We remember, we celebrate, and we believe. God Bless you, Francesco, for all the gifts of song you share with us. 
Peace, love, and blessings from your parish family.