Youth Group / Teen Life



 High School and Middle School Youth Group / Teen Life Ministries

One of the missions of the Youth Ministry program at St. Vincent de Paul is to bring pre-teens and teens together in an environment that will foster positive relationships with each other, to help them see where God is in our day-to-day life, and to bring them closer to Jesus through the sacraments and provide opportunities to serve God’s people through service.

When and where do we meet? 
Middle School and High School teens will meet on Friday evenings from 7:00pm – 9:00 pm in Media room in the Education Building.   

Registration is free but mandatory to attend Youth Group and Teen Life.  Registration is only online. Please fill it out prior to our first Youth Group / Teen Life Meeting on Sept 16th. Click here to access Teen Life Registration form

Our teen group will experience the Living Word in their own lives. We hope to provide a comfortable, fun-filled atmosphere where teens can express their faith with friends and family. We aim to glorify god and build lasting friendships with our peers while doing good for our parish and our community. 


Events and Activities

We yearly participate in the Good Samaritan Project, but only through the generosity of others, as it requires extensive fundraising to do so!  It is a program, which was started 5 years ago by the Diocese of St. Petersburg.  It aims to teach the youth how to serve the needs of those in our area through hands on experiences, while building community with others through service events at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. The weeklong event will focus and center on Service to others, Prayers, Sacraments, Teamwork, Sacrifice, and Fun. 

This program had achieved measurable success during the past years in providing service to others, empowering the youth leaders, educating the youth and transforming them to be better citizens.

In addition to the Good Samaritan Project, some of the other activities and events that we plan on participating in are: World Youth Day, Rock the Universe, Night of Joy, Steubenville Conference Retreats (Lock in’s) in during Advent and Lent, helping at the Friday Night Dinners, Doing Service projects for the church, serving in other ministries such as Faith Formation, Hospitality, Eucharistic Ministers, and Altar Servers, fun outings like bowling, roller skating, bonfires and cook-outs, etc.

 Volunteer Positions needed: 

The youth ministry program is in need of you and your assistance. In order to be able to provide for our teens, we need more adult volunteers.  These positions include: core team members, chaperones, meal ministers, prayer partners, and possibly administrative assistants, etc. 

Volunteer Position

Core Team Member (Youth Ministers)

Required of the Volunteer

This commitment will involve being present at our Teen Life meetings, as well as Core Team planning meetings. The Core team is a group of volunteers that assist the Director of Youth Ministries with the planning and execution of the Teen Life Nights. Their biggest role is to be present to our teens, and mentor them in their faith journey.

Experience Necessary


Training Required

First, we need to have two things completed through the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

1.      Level II Background Check (Fingerprinting needs to be scheduled online at

2.      Safe Environment Program Training (scheduled as necessary). SEP Training Information

When is Training

Scheduled as necessary.

Time Commitment

Friday evenings from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Core Team Planning Meetings as necessary.


For more information regarding the Youth Ministry program, please call the Office of Youth Ministries at 727.938.1974. ext. 109

 Chaperone for youth events

Occasionally we will need parent volunteers to help drive and or chaperone youth group events. All chaperones must meet with the Director of Youth Ministries prior to the trip, as well as have all Safe Environment Training and background screening.


Prayer Partners:

We are in need of prayers for our young people. Prayer is the one gift that all of our parishioners can give to our youth. They are facing many obstacles in their lives, and they are in need of your help. Please consider praying for our youth.

Administrative Assistants:

If you like to help with office work including making phone calls, and helping with all of the details for the youth ministry planning, your help is needed during the week.


For more information regarding the youth ministry program, please call the Office of Youth Ministries at 727.938.1974. Ext. 109 

  I invite you to become a part of our Parish Youth Ministry program. I look forward to working with you. May the love and peace of Christ be with you and your family.

The future of the world is in your hands: Let us sow the seeds and watch them grow, to see what blessings they can produce.